the corrie story

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Our four week trip to the US was the longest stretch I had spent stateside since August 2012. Usually our two trips a year are rushed. With work demands and other destinations to squeeze into vacation, it’s always difficult to see friends and family. Since I am on maternity leave, I was able to extend my stay and this time around, I felt I was getting reacquainted with home all over again.

As an expat, when you spend a certain amount of time abroad and your home becomes the foreign land. It’s a slow transition but after three years I could feel the difference. I was amazed at all the little things I noticed - crystal blue skies with fluffy clouds, grocery stories with SO much selection, how genuinely sweet Midwesterners are, how pushy New Yorkers are, and overall how much I actually missed it. Way more than I thought I did. Maybe it’s the ease of life, maybe it’s my friends, maybe it was watching Elise interact with her grandparents but it made me rethink our life broad. 

For four weeks we visited friends, favorite restaurants, did New York, traveled to The Hamptons, hit Wisconsin to see Elise’s cousin (4 days apart in age!), and took Elise for her first dip in the pool at Jake’s childhood home. Some days were spent lazily hanging outdoors, others were spent pounding the streets of SoHo but Elise and I (although tired) loved every minute. 

Just as I was fully settled, I surprised myself, when by the middle of week four I was starting to think about Shanghai. Maybe I missed our own space, the hum of activity outside our apartment, or the excitement of not quite knowing what’s next in our life journey but either way, when we pulled up to our Shanghai apartment and the neighbors came out to greet us I knew we were where we belonged. We are home.